Are you thinking about retirement? Do you need help accessing or deciding about your Tax Free Cash options?

Are you confused by your options at retirement? Do you buy an annuity? Is drawdown my best options? What are my options for tax-free cash?

Let us try and help you answer your retirement questions and take your pension paperwork and turn into your retirement goals.

Typical clients who come to us for pension & retirement advice, usually have multiple pension schemes that they’ve built over the past 40 years and their retirement looks like a pile of meaningless paper. The majority of our clients cannot make any sense of the statements to establish what they have, let alone trying to sort out the best income options and the available tax-free cash amounts.

We can help you. To help us to get to know each other and build up some trust we offer a 30 minute consultation at our cost. We can look at you schemes, outline your options and provide you with a workable plan to implement your retirement.

Call now 0121 421 7144 or email: to arrange a first meeting at our cost. We are opposite the Royal Oak pub on Manor Lane B62 8PU, we have free on-site parking and coffee and biscuits.

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